Connecting the K3/0-Mini to your Windows PC

The K3/0-Mini uses a USB cable connection to your PC to provide a serial control and audio support. Developers wishing to expand their remote capability offerings can find more details on the Elecraft web site (

Elecraft K3/0-MiniK3/0-Mini USB Connection

On first connection to your PC, Windows will automatically download and install the required drivers. If the FTDI drivers failed to install automatically, you may download them from FTDI's website. Please take note of the two com ports that become available, these details are required to configure RCForb Client.

Please read the K3 Remote Owner's Manual for more information.

Configuring RCForb Client for K3-Remote Operation

The K3/0-Mini provides two (2) com ports upon USB connection.  For this example, we will use COM 3 and COM 4 as the two com ports provided by the K3/0-Mini. Please open the "Control Device Setup" dialog by goin to Options -> Control Device Setup. RCForb Client is designed to talk to the first com port (COM 3). Select the proper com port from the dropdown selection and make sure to check "Enable Remote Head Control". If you are unsure of the com port number, you can use the Device Manager to locate your com ports. With the device manager open, plug in and un plug the K3/0-Mini, you will notice the com ports disapear and reapear.

RCForb Options Control Device Setup RCForb Control Device Setup Dialog Device Manager Ports

Operating A K3/0-Mini with RCForb Client

The K3/0-Mini is now configured for operation with RCForb Client. It is time to power on the K3/0-Mini. It is important to have the K3/0-Mini power on before connecting to a remote.

From the Lobby, select a remote K3 and connect. Upon connecting, the K3/0-Mini will synchronize its display with the remote K3.

K3-Remote Features
Some features of the K3/0-Mini have been mapped to control features inside RCForb Client itself. The AF Gain and Mic knobs are mapped to the Clients Volume and Mic controls. These knobs events are not sent to the remote K3 for processing. Every other control panel button or knob will fully function as if you are sitting in front of the remote K3 operating it locally. Not all features are available to all users. The stardard security policies are in place for TX, Club, Administrator control. Administrators are not blocked from any feature of the K3/0-Mini. TX Users are only allow non-administrator features. For example; an Administrator can access the "MENU" in the remote K3, while a TX user is not allowed to access the "MENU". If a user tries to access a feature they are not permitted to use, "ACCESS DENIED" will scroll across the remote K3 SUB VFO display. All users will be able to see this message on their K3/0-Mini.

Cross Compatible Between All Brands of Radios
RCForb Client supports basic Remote Head features on non Elecraft K3 based remotes for the K3/0-Mini. Basic control of all remotes available on exists with the K3/0-Mini. When operating a remote K3, you will enjoy the benifits of the K3-Remote system by Elecraft. When operating a non Elecraft brand radio, you will have a basic "master and slave" concept. Your K3/0-Mini becomes the "master" and the remote becomes the "slave".  The remote radio will follow the K3/0-Mini providing frequency and mode control at minimum.