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General Support / Re: Request Username change
« Last post by w8rj on Today at 10:37:10 am »
It's done
General Support / Re: Username change
« Last post by w8rj on Today at 10:35:55 am »
Old account is deleted and username change done.
General Support / Username change
« Last post by n0iss on Today at 10:13:22 am »

I had made a username with my callsign N0ISS but I never got its email activation perhaps I did something wrong.

I request to change this Username from Arabiancoconut to  N0ISS and delete the registration of the Previous N0ISS.

thank you.

General Support / Re: Request Username change
« Last post by 4x1st on Today at 06:48:02 am »
Hi - I've upgraded my licence - would you change my username please? Old call: 4X5TS, new call 4X1ST

Thanks & 73
RCForb Server / Re: K3 Startup Pulse Width
« Last post by w0ih on Today at 06:16:58 am »

Thanks for the advice.  I keep mulling it over, if there is anything that I can do. 

Since I first discovered the problem, and added the timing code, I know that I have done a much better job of grounding the station (pc, Arduino, rigs, amps, all to a common point).   I have also rebuilt the serial port I/F with the RTS and DTS breakout lines to use optical isolation and ferrite cores for common mode on the output lines.

Trouble is, unless I could be certain that the problem won’t reoccur, I’d be very hesitant to remove the code. I can’t figure out a valid way to test it.

General Support / Re: PTT Question
« Last post by w8rj on Today at 03:03:56 am »
Server side, when you setup External CW with the K3, you also need to set the PTT-KEY menu in the K3 so that the DTR pin is set for 'KEY'

Client side, wire the RTS pin to the common on your paddles and DSR to the dit side, and DCD to the dah side. Make sure "Use RTS" for power is enabled and external CW is enabled.

The beauty of the current system is that everything is integrated in one software package; when you launch the server software , if the k3 doesnt respond the server software pulses the RTS and powers it up. I currently use an 8 port kmtronic usb switch to switch antennas/transverters, the server software only supports one switch so cannot add a second usb switch.  Guess its time to add the power up capability to the ethernet switch that turns on the 12v psu  and the computer psu
General Support / CW Client help
« Last post by nz2z on Yesterday at 09:04:07 pm »
I am testing a friends station. He has a K3 at his base QTH, and I am going in via my PC from my QTH about 500 km away. I want to send CW from a paddle or key (not keyboard). I did see a post about using a Keyspan RS232 connection  to the 3 wires from the paddle. I set the 'External CW' as the posting suggested, but that does not seem to work. I did make sure that I am using the correct com port (in fact I tried all the ports).

I also have a Winkeyer and tried that without any success.

This is just an test and I don't want to purchase a device, a circuit design would be of great help.

Bob nz2z
RCForb Server / Re: K3 Startup Pulse Width
« Last post by w8rj on Yesterday at 09:29:55 am »
It seems to me you should be trying to cure the static interference getting into the system instead of applying a band aid for the symptom. It may be as simple as pulldown resistor on the RTS line so it won't respond to transient.
RCForb Server / Re: K3 Startup Pulse Width
« Last post by w0ih on Yesterday at 09:12:19 am »
Thanks Roger, just thought that I’d check.  I may have to find another way to time the pulse width.

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