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General Support / Re: ALS 1306 amplifer
« Last post by kx4ib on Today at 05:28:11 pm »
Thanks makes perfect sense. I’ll check the ports on the rig. In the meanwhile is there a list of amplifiers that play well with Remotehams?  Thanks as always
General Support / RCForb server not reading internet address properly
« Last post by wb5vqx on Today at 05:12:08 pm »
I have been wrestling with the RCForb server for a couple of weeks now.  Let me preface this by saying that the server was working properly initially on my current Windows 10 system. Windows 10 updated and he server ceased to function properly.  I'm not absolutely certain that this is a result of the Windows 10 update or whether it was a result of my changing settings on my system (I was chasing a different problem at the time), though I can't find any settings I changed that might have caused this problem.

When the RCForb server starts up, it connects to the rig just fine (a Kenwood TS-590SG) and indicates that it has synchronized with  I can see my remote in the list of remotes, and I can attempt to connect, and when doing so, it appears that the correct IP address is being used.  However, a connection is never established.  I have also noticed that in the console of the server where it reports the IP addresses being used, it shows the IP address it is listening on as with the correct port numbers.  When I initially set the server up, it was reporting the correct IP address on the console 98..x.x.x.  I believe that this incorrect IP address as reported on the console is the reason that I cannot obtain a connection.  I would also note that when I test open ports, all the relevant ports report as being closed, though my router is set up to forward those ports, and was working correctly (I have not changed the settings on my router from the time everything was working properly).

Hopefully someone more knowledgable can give me some idea as to where to look to get this issue solved.

Thanks in advance.
General Support / Re: ALS 1306 amplifer
« Last post by w8rj on Today at 01:26:51 pm »
That amplifier does not have any support for computer control (CAT commands form a computer).

I think the connector on the back you're talking about just get's band information from a radio. Now if it gets band data from the radios serial port (I don't really know), then you will may lose the serial port on the radio to provide band data if using RCForb server.

Whether you can have something connected to the DB-9 (Serial connector) on the 590 and use the USB to Serial port at the same time, I don't know. That may be answered in your manual or by asking Kenwood.

If the DB-9 Serial Connector and the USB to Serial port in the radio are 100% independent, you shouldn't have a problem. But if they are not 100% independent, you surely will have conflicts, which is going to result losing control of the radio or amplifier or both.

RCForb Server / Re: RCForb (Server)
« Last post by w8rj on Today at 01:11:38 pm »
The database can be found in the servers folder, database.db
RCForb Server / Re: RCForb (Server)
« Last post by wv0l on Today at 10:05:51 am »
Activity log is an SQL database?  Where is it and what is its name?  We are running an old release 0.7.6532.31563 is that true even in this release?  In my release I can only export 500 entries (a page) at a time which is a pain! Same for deleting them.  Is this the same in the new release?  Is there a way to take a backup of the database and then move it to a different PC (that has SQL lite) on it and process the log that way?  If we must stay with the current XML format, it would be GREAT to add export over a date range.  Same for deleting records.  I really don't want to export the log say monthly as even for our "light" usage that is many exports. 
General Support / ALS 1306 amplifer
« Last post by kx4ib on Today at 10:03:11 am »
How do I control my amplifier from the Android app?
The configuration that I am planning to use is to connect my TS-590SG to my ALS1306 amplifier using the DB-DB7DK. 
But by doing so I no longer have the port on the back of the amplifier to control it from the app. (I think)


Thanks as always,
General Support / Re: RCForb Radios
« Last post by w8rj on Yesterday at 01:29:52 pm »
All radios have their pros and cons. Later radio models that have the built in USB audio and serial port interfaces are probably a good starting point for remote operations.
General Support / Re: RCForb Radios
« Last post by n4hcr on Yesterday at 07:22:40 am »
Thanks Roger,

I'll start looking at radios. Are there any that are better than the others for remote use?

RCForb Server / Re: Embedding in your own Webpage (Google Gadget)
« Last post by w8rj on July 17, 2018, 04:59:41 am »
Double check that the Windows Firewall (or your anti-virus firewall) has an exception for the Unreal Server. The path to the server on a 64bit computer is

C:\Program Files\UnrealStreaming\UMediaServer\UMediaServer.exe
RCForb Server / Re: Embedding in your own Webpage (Google Gadget)
« Last post by kb8cr on July 16, 2018, 06:54:19 pm »
I have both Live Server and Unreal Server running before I started RCForb Server. I don't know what I did before that got it to work, but I'll keep trying.

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