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General Support / Re: invalid password
« Last post by kc8wh on Today at 12:05:48 pm »

Think I got it.

Requested permissions on your remote


Mike KC8WH
RCForb Server / Re: SPE Expert 1K-FA Support
« Last post by oh1bdf on Today at 11:11:03 am »
Dear fellows,

today I managed to get the first version working based on modified 2K driver. Still missing ON/OFF support, but once I get it working, James said he will integrate it so that there will be a new Amp select option for <drum roll> Expert 1K-FA  :)

Stay tuned & 73
-petri OH1BDF

General Support / Re: Controls
« Last post by w8rj on Today at 10:33:21 am »
1) Make sure the server is connected to a radio
2) Make sure there is only one instance of the server running (check the Windows tray)
3) Reinstall the Microsoft runtime 2010 C++ (X86)
4) Run the .NET repair tool from Microsoft
General Support / Controls
« Last post by sv8bur on Today at 08:50:27 am »
 I am new onRCForb. I managed to setup the server, the question I would like to ask is:
I want to add controls in order to be seen on the client.
For example  on "The Allowed Sliders" I am pressing on "Get List" and I am getting nothing when I am pressing on the next button I am taking nothing too see the attachment
General Support / Re: Microham MK II and TS 480 issue
« Last post by va3sb on Today at 05:24:46 am »
Good morning Roger.

Thanks again for your comments and suggestion. Looks like I won't be able to get it sorted out until possibly my next visit to the remote station.
In the meantime, I have re-installed my Signalink and have that working.

Thank you for your help and all of your work with RemoteHams. Greatly appreciated.

Have a nice day.

General Support / Re: Microham MK II and TS 480 issue
« Last post by w8rj on Yesterday at 08:41:26 am »
I assume you're getting RX audio from the data jack on the back of the radio. Look at Menu #047 (AF Output for Data Communications). Even though it says data communications, I would bet that menu will affect any RX audio out the data jack.

Also the slider in the server for RX level, if you get over half way on the setting the server will perform a boost in software.

Since RX audio is on a record device, check in the Windows controls on that device, and see if there is a boost setting.
General Support / Re: Microham MK II and TS 480 issue
« Last post by va3sb on Yesterday at 08:27:27 am »
Good day Roger and thank you for your usual prompt response.
I appreciate that you may not be familiar with the Microham MK II and thank you for your suggestions.

Just to be clear, on the dropdown menu in the server, I do see Input - Line (2-microHam CODEC) and Output - Headset Earphone (2-microHam CODEC) I have both of these selected in Server.
Unfortunately, I still cannot seem to get sufficient RX audio drive to the computer. Even though I have COM 16 selected for PTT. I am also unable to get the transceiver to go into transmit.

Will keep working on it. BUT if some one is using a microHam MK II i would greatly appreciate hearing from them. :-)

Thanks again.


General Support / Re: Microham MK II and TS 480 issue
« Last post by w8rj on Yesterday at 05:11:37 am »
Not real familiar with the MicroHam, but here are a few tips that may work.

1) If you change the sound devces on the computer, don't have RcForb Server running.
2) If you're not seeing the sound device in the dropdowns in the server, restart the server.
3) The 480 should accept TX audio on the data jack, only if the PTT is activated physically at the data jack. Which I think you're doing with COM16. I assume the radio is going into transmit, but no audio.

If ypu're running the Client on the same computer as the server, you can not use the same sound devices as the server.

General Support / Ongoing Microham MK II and TS 480 Challenge
« Last post by va3sb on Yesterday at 04:49:03 am »
Good day to the group.

I am still having a problem with with getting my Microham MK II and TS-480 to work properly.
I am able to connect to the remote site with RCForb Client - I am at the remote site for the next day and a half. I can get the transceiver to turn on and able to communicate with the radio. Which would indicate to me that the CAT control is working. I am also able to hear audio coming through. However, I am not able to adjust the signal level with the volume control on RCForb Client. I get a straight line on the Delay bar on Client.  I am able to operate CW and make contacts.

I would like to be able to use the system for WSJT-X and FT-8 operation. I am using the DB37-TS-MINI6 cable from Microham to connect the radio ( I have attached the schematic of the cable for information).  I have one USB  connection to the computer from the Microham MK II.

At the remote computer, I have RCForb Server Audio set up for RX Audio from Radio -  Line (2-microHam Codec) and Speakeres (TX Audio to Radio) - Headset Earphone (2-microHam Codec). ON the Radio Configuration page I have "via Serial COM Port selected as the Radio Connection Method and am using COM 20 and the Radio Driver is Kenwood TS-480. For the PTT Configuration I have via COM selected and am using COM 16 and have Use RTS selected.

On the RCForbs Client Audio tab, under SPKR i have two choices 1 - Primary Sound Driver and 2. High Definition Audio Device. Under MIC I am not able to get a listing of the available devices.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciate now that I am at the site. Please let me know if additional information is required. Thank you in advance.

General Support / Re: ft-991 ssb setup
« Last post by ea8ee on Yesterday at 03:04:45 am »
Thanks a lot
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