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General Support / new call sign
« Last post by n0jxi on Today at 05:53:29 pm »
i have changed my call sign how do i log in with my new call sign?
    I am the one who has not been able to tune or transmit on his radio. I did get on your station and was able to tune and transmit this afternoon. But still was not able to transmit on his.

Bob nz2z
RCForb Server / Re: CW decode - radios supported
« Last post by w9ii on Today at 12:04:22 pm »
ok now I understand,

 it looks like only the elecraft K3's report decoded
RTTY, psk, and CW via CAT commands...

Thanks for the fast reply 73.
General Support / Re: can't change mode, flaky tuning
« Last post by w8rj on Today at 07:48:05 am »
I just logged into your remote and hooked up my K3 to your radio and all seems well.

If you experienced those problems after operating and transmitting on the radio, I would suspect RFI.,2150.0.html
RCForb Server / Re: CW decode - radios supported
« Last post by w8rj on Today at 07:40:44 am »
I just looked through the CAT manual for the FT-1200 and 3000 and there are no CAT commands to read decoded CW.
General Support / can't change mode, flaky tuning
« Last post by w3hzz on Today at 07:22:01 am »
I was able to operate the remote K3 just a few days ago without problems. Now, I am unable to get the K3 to change from USB to CW mode on certainly bands - 20m and above. Also changing frequency, using the K3/0 mini is flaky, when I turn the dial, the actual frequency bounces. I am able to transmit and make contacts, although sometimes the latency is great.

I have not changed the remote settings at all (in fact I have not been at the station). At the control, I am connecting on various wifi networks that have worked well in the past.

Phil, W3HZZ
RCForb Server / CW decode - radios supported
« Last post by w9ii on Today at 07:21:59 am »

  New to RCForb, Read some posts that the K3 can decode cw and
pass it on to the client as text output.

 Any of the yeasu radios like ftdx 1200 or 3000 work,
I see they have a cw text decoder built in ?
That message is more informational than an error and probably is not the reason why he can't log in.

I would have him double check he has his username (call sign) and password in his Client is correct.

If that's not the issue, does he have problems logging into other remotes?

I am trying to allow a friend to use my remote. It is a "club" station and I have given him Club permission and allowed him TX privileges. He seems to be locked out. On the remote console I see the following message "claient (callsign) failed to enter lock, client that owns lock unknown". I do not know what this message means.

General Support / FT 991 Yaesu Phone tx on CH1-5 with 15 sec repeat
« Last post by ai6bf on Yesterday at 02:50:22 pm »
I am new to this net, I am looking to see if any one has figured out how to have phone automatically re-transmit like CW with the 991.  I am sure I was using it this way before the last update.  I am now told I never did that.  Funny the radio still has the phone/voice message in CH1  "CQ CQ AI6BF CQ CQ Tech only please", end, then repeat in 15 seconds.  Trying to help techs on 10 meters.  But now no workie.

Anyone know how to make it work?

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