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Documentation / Re: ORB device questions
« Last post by badrinnonsi on Yesterday at 05:21:30 pm »
thank you for giving me a chance
to use this excellent program
I apologize for just starting and finding the program
this excellent communication .. success is always for you all
Documentation / Re: ORB device questions
« Last post by kb8cr on Yesterday at 12:04:16 pm »
Thanks.....the software being worked on for Flex is doing the same thing. Looks like it might serve dual purpose for me.

General Support / Re: Callsign Change
« Last post by w8rj on Yesterday at 09:05:59 am »
It's done
General Support / Callsign Change
« Last post by kc1e on Yesterday at 06:31:02 am »
Do we still need to go through the forum to get our callsign changed in the system? I am now KC1E effective today.
General Support / Re: uploading my license
« Last post by m3ghe on Yesterday at 03:35:39 am »
I have tried several times to upload my license, but the message still shows that license in not uploaded.

Thanks for any suggestions.
Brian - W5YE
Convert the PDF to a jpg, then it will up load.
General Support / Re: Straight Key Setup.
« Last post by w8rj on June 21, 2018, 06:02:23 pm »
You need to plug your straight key into the PTT jack and the remote server needs to be setup with Serial CW (Options->Radio Configuration->PTT & CW). Your TS-590 has CAT support for KY Keying.
General Support / Straight Key Setup.
« Last post by m1aqo on June 21, 2018, 04:01:53 pm »
Been happily using my paddle with the Orb device.
I've tried to plug in my straight key and I can't get it to key or transmit.
Can you use a straight key ?  If so, is there a guide to set it up ?
RCForb Server / Re: inactivity timeout disconnecting client
« Last post by w8rj on June 21, 2018, 02:58:31 pm »
It's a server side setting under Options->Server Configuration->Client Idle Timeout.
RCForb Server / inactivity timeout disconnecting client
« Last post by dd5xx on June 21, 2018, 02:37:14 pm »
Hi all,

how is the inactivity timeout handled? Is this a configuration server oder client sider (or both). Currently I am kicked after 1 hour, how can we change that? Does the remote server need a special configuration or the client side?

thanks in advance for providing some more information.
RCForb Server / Re: background sound on my server
« Last post by w2sfd on June 21, 2018, 11:24:28 am »
Thanks Roger!

Now to begin the process of elimination.   It happened on the old computer also now that I think about it, so maybe the supply on the radio....hmmm  time to find out.

Thanks again,

George W2SFD

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