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« on: August 16, 2014, 08:46:29 am »
I have been trying, unsuccessful, to get our club's FT-897D to work with RcForb client & server software.  One of the problems is that the audio levels are low, especially when the FT-897D is transmitting.

The audio interface between the PC and the FT-897D is through a SignaLink USB, connected to the 6 pin DATA jack on the rear of the radio.  The interface cable is the SignaLink TIG-SL-CAB6PM, which connects to the following signal pins on the radio: Data In, Ground, PTT, Data Out (1200).  We are using the 6 pin DATA jack because we want the FT-897D mic and speaker to be available for conventional sideband use by club members.

In the FT-897D manual, pages 38 and 39 seem to indicate that the FT-897D input audio level is independently adjustable for each of the following DIGITAL modes: RTTY-L RTTY-H, PSK31-L, PSK31-H, Packet (1200) and Packet 9600.  The DIGITAL modes must be selected using menu item 38, and the Packet Rate is selected with menu item 73.  The Digital Gain is adjusted with menu item 37, and the Packet level is adjusted with menus 71 & 72.  Our Digital Gain is set to 100.

The FT-897 has 7 modes of operation: USB, LSB, CW, CWR, AM, DIG & PKT.  The audio adjustments for the DIG and PKT modes are described on Pages 38 & 39.  But the manual doesn't mention anything about the audio levels for USB, LSB, AM or FM modes, which are the modes I am using via the RemoteHams software.

I have all of the volume controls in Windows, the SignaLink and RcForb set to maximum, but the audio level of the FT-897D transmitted signal still seems very low, and the receive audio is barely adequate.  I also tried substituting a different SignaLink, and I installed JP2 & JP3 in the SignaLink to boost the audio.

If anyone has successfully integrated the FT-897D with a SignaLinkUSB and RemoteHams RcForb software, I would appreciate knowing how you have configured the radio.

Thanks & 73,
Ed (N2BHD)

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Re: RcForb Software and FT-897D
« Reply #1 on: September 10, 2014, 04:08:13 am »
Hi Ed,

if you are using the audio in and out from the data port for the remote server, then you must set menu item 38 to pskU and use the DIG mode for tx and RX. the data port audio is only used in the digital modes. On vhf you would use PKT for the very same reason.  Now, if you want to use the lower bands (lsb) then the menu item must be changed to pskL
if you use usb as you have experienced it will have extremely low audio levels.
The alternative is to use te mic and speaker output on the radio but I have not had joy with those hooked up to the pc at all.
I use the 857 (for this purpose is same as 897 or 817)

hope this gives you some insight...

73 de j69ds

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Re: RcForb Software and FT-897D
« Reply #2 on: September 10, 2014, 02:53:19 pm »
As J69DS mentions, the DATA port on the back of hte FT857 and FT897 are for digital modes only. That port is designed to work when the radio is in DATA or PKT mode not USB/LSB/FM mode.

For my FT857, I interfaced the PC to the RJ45 MIC jack for TX audio, and connected the SPKR out jack to my PC's LINE-IN.

The FT857/897 is not the best radio for remote if you plan on using it locally also.  It is best to dedicate it for remote operation due to the setup limitation described above

I am using a RIGblaster NOMIC to convert from the PC speaker output to the RJ45 MIC input on the FT857 to drive TX audio.

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Re: RcForb Software and FT-897D
« Reply #3 on: December 28, 2014, 11:48:10 pm »
so basicly rigblater nomic would be run audio remotly? Can it be used signalink? Not interested in digi modes just need get audio out from radio...

Regards, Kes.

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Re: RcForb Software and FT-897D
« Reply #4 on: December 28, 2014, 11:55:58 pm »
Also...would be better to use Yaesu SCU-17 so would make full remote for digi and ssb modes?

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Re: RcForb Software and FT-897D
« Reply #5 on: December 04, 2017, 02:52:04 am »
Ola todos.Eu não falo inglês.
assim como vocês não falam português.
 então usem o Google tradutor:

estou com o yaesu ft857 trabalhando muito bem com rcforbs , recebendo o áudio da parte de tras do radio pelo conector data. funciona bem. precisa ABAIXAR bem o áudio ,nas configurações de áudio do rcforb e não aumentar.

Então essa historia que o áudio vindo do conector data não funciona é mentira. funciona sim..é questão de ajuste do rcforb ok?

73 for all

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Re: RcForb Software and FT-897D
« Reply #6 on: December 04, 2017, 04:22:02 am »
I think your question is about transmit audio. The manual (pg 33) states it accepts AFSK, which tells me it's only active in a "data" mode (PKT or DIG), not USB or LSB.

Best to interface transmit audio to the front microphone connector

Acho que sua pergunta é sobre transmitir áudio. O manual (pg 33) afirma que aceita o AFSK, o que me diz que só está ativo no modo "dados" (PKT ou DIG), não USB ou LSB.

Melhor interface para transmitir áudio para o conector do microfone frontal