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Couple of hints...
« on: December 11, 2017, 12:18:42 pm »
 I have learned a couple things about the android app on my LG phone.

1. If you are on any menu screen besides Frequency Knob, you can touch the frequency line at the top, and you will be returned to the Frequency Knob menu.   I just learned this by accident, though it may be documented somewhere. 

2.  I have had trouble getting the volume control to work correctly on my LG phone (usually low) through my Bluetooth headset on the Android app.  I found that I could adjust the volume normally if I pressed side button which blanks the screen, then adjust the volume controls on the other side of the phone.  With the screen open, the volume controls adjusts the ring volume.  When the screen is blanked, the controls adjust the speaker (headset) volume.   This may be an anomaly of this phone, but may help others as well.

Mike, W0IH