Author Topic: @admin Please add a one-click restore default function to the server program  (Read 574 times)

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Hi Admin and the designers of the RC Server:
Can you add a one-click restore to default feature in the next version of the RC server?

Since my radio settings always been adjusted a lot when I am sharing it online, I need to spend a lot of time to set everything back to normal to use my radio.

Of corse I'd like to let people enjoy using my rig for their needs, but I want it does not disturb my normal operation of my rig.

You could add a function that scan and save every adjustable settings on my radio during the server startup and when I want my radio back to normal use I could click on a button that is able to restore my radio's settings back.
Just like setting a restore point on computer operating systems.

I believe the adding of this feature can bring more hams to join this community.

Thanks, 73
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That sounds like a great idea - even better if you could specify where to save the settings.