Author Topic: Interfacing 3rd party software to RcForb Client & Server  (Read 15863 times)

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Re: Interfacing 3rd party software to RcForb Client & Server
« Reply #30 on: August 14, 2017, 01:13:22 pm »

I'll be running a private (for now) K3s at the server end so I'm in control of that. I'll download the server software and use the client on a laptop within the house network and play around with it. I'll need to buy a copy of VAC as well.


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I have set-up the RcForb Client V 0.8 for remote operations of WSJT-x in FT-8 mode with HRD Logbook and JTAlert-x using VAC audio repeater for local listen-in.
The CAT und PTT function via CAT is implemented via VCOM on the RCForb Client directy interfacing the TS-480 at the remote server site. Use of HRD rig control proofed unreliable due to time-out issues in particluar at the end of the FT-8 transmit period causing WSJT-x to leave the Tx Enable mode.
This set-up works very well with JTAlert-x transfering the logbook data to HRD logbook at the end of each contact and HRD Logbook Radio Pane giving me the selected buttons and sliders to control the remote TS-480.
I have tested any impact of the coding on JT-8 signals and have nit observed any degrdations - on the receive side I have decoded signals down to -20 dB and when testing to decode my own signal received from the remote qth with my local set-up using KX-3 and WSJT-x running on my MacMini there where no issues observed with the transmit signal and the decoding.
I am using external soundcards -both locally as well as on the server side.

The local set-up can be seen in the attached pdf picture

73 de Manfred and Enjoy remoting!

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Re: Interfacing 3rd party software to RcForb Client & Server
« Reply #32 on: January 26, 2018, 06:38:35 am »
Client ver 9.218 is working fine for FT8 with my club station. I was surprised when I tried it and it worked after reading these forums. The club station is a TS-2000 and I'm set up as a virtual K3. I'll work on getting up to speed with HRD and am optimistic about full functionality.