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Earn Reserved Slots. is a community supported project. Please consider making a small contribution to the website.
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Mail Money Orders Paybable To:
Brandon Hansen
Moss Landing, CA 95039-0001
(Memo your callsign on the money order.)

Earn Reserved Slots.

Reserved Slots: If you decide to contribute financially, you will be rewarded one (1) Reserved Slots for each dollar ($1 USD) contributed.

Reserved Slots may be used on a remote to prevent another user from "tuning" the remote for a 30 minute session. This can be very useful in reserving a remote for a contest, working a dx contact or just to prevent any unwanted interference with remote operation. All other users connected to the remote will have RX only permission during this time. This does not override administrators, they always have control of the remote for security reasons and are visible with an (A) in the remote's user list.

(You will be rewarded Reserved Slots instantly when contributing through PayPal.)


Please email kg6ypi [at] remotehams [dot] com with your username and donation details if your donation is not verified and Reserved Slots are not rewarded. If no email is sent, Reserved Slots may be withheld.

Thanks again for supporting!