What's Required to Report Abuse

  1. The offending account holder username and ORB ID of the remote where the offense took place.
  2. Include dates and approximate times that the offense took place along with written observations.
  3. Include evidence supporting claims in written observations.


  1. Unethical Operations to obtain awards or during contest events should be reported to the award or contest authoritative entity.
  2. RemoteHams.com does not have the authority to disqualify contacts obtained with unethical operations for award or contest purposes.
  3. It is the remote operators' responsibility to operate in accordance with the remote station's local authority laws and regulations.
  4. It is the remote owners' responsibility to maintain their remote station in accordance with local authority laws and regulations.
  5. RemoteHams.com is not responsible for a users operation of a remote or for actions taken by a remote owner.
  6. RemoteHams.com reserves the right to temporarily ban and/or permanently ban user accounts without notice.
  7. Submitted reports may be sent to the remote owner after review by RemoteHams.com Support Team.

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